About Me

Bali based photographer Mario Andi Supria founded Aditi Niranjan Photography studio in 2007. Having grown up in the heart of Ubud’s artistic community he developed a love for the visual arts that propelled his career in photography. Mario Andi Supria believes in the constant evolution of his art form and continuously pushes himself to expand his artistic capabilities and create images that are timeless yet reflect the ever-changing dynamic of visual arts relationship to technology.

Every commericial shoot at Mario Andi Supria studio will be lead by Mario and is inclusive of pre and post shoot meetings. All editing of images and portraits will also be done by the maestro himself.

Mario love to travel also and something else he do is holiday photoshoots for Wanderloud. They have photographers in 40+ destinations . It’s perfect for milestone birthdays, honeymoons or anniversaries, that long-awaited family reunion, the trip of a lifetime, farewell to a place that was home, or just a really special holiday.

At Mario Andi Supria we can guarantee discerning clients the very best that Bali has to offer in terms of equipment, attention and service.

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